How to Assess the Abilities of Managerial Position Candidate

Having a good manager is crucial to the success or failure of any business venture. Managers define long-term goals and see to it that all employees are working towards achieving them. If you’re in the process of hiring a manager for your business, it’s important to set a solid set of criteria before screening candidates.

Skills and Abilities

One of the most important criteria for assessing a managerial job candidate is skills. Pay close attention to their ability to plan, solve problems, and persuade people. Considering the pivotal role played by managers, all three areas are critical to driving a business to success, Knowing the crucial responsibility that managers carry on their shoulders, all three are vital to the success of any business.


Evaluate the personality of every candidate you’re considering, especially the way they deal with problems and treat people in general. Specifically, you’d like to gauge their emotional quotient, their ability to get along with other people, the way they communicate, and their approach to tough situations and stress management.It is easy to become subjective when doing this, but you can prepare a checklist so you can perform the task in more about objective and systematic manner.

Management Style

Consider the general environment in your place of business, and decide what management or leadership style might fit best. If you are an advertising company, for instance, an authoritarian management approach may stifle the potentials of your creative employees.A manager who is versatile or flexible in their approach is usually the best to hire as they will be able to adjust to everyone as necessary.


Usually, results are the best area to focus on when evaluating managerial candidates.Results can serve as your main guide and you can forget about skills, attributes or style.If you go this route, be sure that the management approach is perfectly aligned as well.For instance, if you are very vocal about maintaining fairness and your manager starts bullying your other employees, you have to speak up and tow the line, regardless of what happens.

All these skills mentioned above should be considered as you choose a manager, but don’t neglect the necessity of technical skills too. For example, if you have an app development company, you should hire people with knowledge and experience in app development, even if they will only be holding a management position.

Now on top of on-job skills, you should hire a manager who is open to continuous learning as a way to keep them abreast of the latest technologies, job procedures and skills. The manager you hire should have no problem following company’s rules and regulations as this is the only way they can make their staff follow too. As well, this will make the manager more effective in fulfilling his role in your company. You can view here to read more info on this site.


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